About Us

Since 1997, The Reid Group has pursued its mission of helping leaders and organizations transform challenges into opportunities to create a better world, focusing on Catholic organizations as well as other faith-based and nonprofit groups.

From the beginning, we have provided services that:

  • respect the client’s unique needs and situation
  • are comprehensive in nature, dealing with the whole person or organization rather than only one aspect or unit
  • employ a highly participatory approach
  • focus on building connections and community within and beyond specific organizations

We take the “to create a better world” part of our mission very seriously. In addition to giving our clients excellent, comprehensive and creative service, we are also committed to:

  • Providing creative, comprehensive and excellent services
  • Building teams and community
  • Communicating openly, honestly, directly and appropriately
  • Collaborating, networking and partnerships
  • Being good stewards of all resources for a sustainable future
  • Promoting justice and right relationships for the common good