Fundraising 2015: What’s the Plan?

If your organization is like many, you take a “seat of the pants” approach to your fundraising. As a result, it feels like you lurch from one financial crisis to another. What you need is a plan.

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5 Fundraising Ideas You Might Have Overlooked

Every aspiring musician can answer the question, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” (Practice, practice, practice.)

And every experienced fundraiser can answer “How do you build a successful fundraising program?” Ask, ask, ask.

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Fundraising’s Magic Word

If you have concerns about your ability as a leader in your organization to raise significant funds to advance your mission, you have a lot of company.

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Managing Change: What’s Virtue Got to Do With it?

Some changes are negative and some are positive but all change is disruptive. As a leader responsible for managing the change, you are both target and savior—you are blamed for the turmoil and charged with leading the people through the desert of disruption to the promised land.

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