Does Happiness Matter?

So a lot of people are unhappy at work. Do organizations care one way or another? Should they? The fact is, leaders and organizations don’t have to care about happiness—unless they want to be able to sustain their organization into the future.

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Dos and Don’ts for Parish Reorganization

A poorly-executed parish reorganization process guarantees that all the focus will be on the disruption, pain and loss the process can cause. But dioceses that pay attention to these “dos and don’ts” open the opportunity to focus on the growth, revitalization and new life that this planning process can bring to the local Catholic community.

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Dealing Effectively with Change, Loss and Grief

April’s Teleseminar, being held in the middle of Holy Week, will focus on the journey all people and organizations take: the struggles, the death moments, the need to let go, the transitions, the losses and the joys of new life. Join us on April 16.

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