High Performing Teams

Are members on your team leaving? Are new people joining your team? Are you thinking about how to build your new team in creative ways? Join us for the next Reid Group teleseminar on June 22.

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Refresh Your Fundraising Spirit: a Teleseminar

Is your organization going through the motions of fundraising or is it committed and engaged? How well is your team maintaining its fundraising focus and drive? Join us on April 20 for a discussion on how to refresh your fundraising spirit.

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Does Your Organization Have a Sustainable Future?

Are your team members on the same page about where you’re going or is there a lack of clarity about the issues you face? Could you use some help in getting on that same page and working together to assure your organization’s sustainability?

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Write Your “Money Autobiography”

We work with a lot of non-profit and religious organizations, many of whom struggle with financial stability. Leaders in these organizations may know that fundraising is important to the future of their organizations, but many have a reluctance or even aversion to it.

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