Maureen Gallagher

mauren_bigMaureen Gallagher is a partner with The Reid Group and has more than 30 years experience in leadership, planning and organizational development. She has worked for the Diocese of Madison and the Archdiocese of Milwaukee in areas of planning, parish, school and educational leadership. She has taught in higher education in more than a half dozen colleges and universities and been a Dean of Students at a Graduate School of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy.

Maureen is a well known author of educational and planning materials and a nationally and internationally known speaker. She is serving and has served on various non-profit boards and worked with planning, leadership searches and organization development in the non-profit sector. Maureen has graduate degrees in Theology from the University of Notre Dame and Art History from Dominican University. Her experiences and doctorate in Adult Education and Management from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have enabled her to be an effective consultant and conference facilitator for many non-profit, health care and faith-based organizations. Contact Maureen.