5th Sunday of Lent: Embued with the Spirit

bushonfireMeister Eckhart said:

Every single creature is full of God
                        and is a book about God.
            Every creature is a word of God.

and from Angelus Silesius:  God is …concealed in now and here

Reflect on your own experience of God in the universe, in the world and life around you, in others, in yourself. Recall some times when your eyes, ears, heart were opened to recognizing the divine in your midst and hold those moments in wonder, joy and gratitude.

Where did you see/hear/know God?        What do you remember about that time?

How we treat the environment is related to who we are becoming.  Care of earth, water, air and creation is not an option.  It is at the heart of who we are, and who we will become.

Name three things related to caring for the environment:

  • One thing you can do personally to care for Earth, water, air
  • One thing you can get others involved in doing to protect the environment
  • One area where you will be an advocate for environmental reform

Out of the depths I cry to you, Yhwh!
God, hear my voice!
So I wait for you, Yhwh – my soul waits, and in your word I place my trust.
My soul longs for you, Yhwh, more than sentinels long for the dawn.
Psalm 130

Compassionate God hear my voice as I pray…
With whom do I stand as I pray?
What depths do they cry from?
For what do they pray?
Can I pray their prayer?
Can I pray as if I were one with them?