Sustainable Future Audit

In embracing the Principle of Sustainability The Reid Group is looking at the world through the lens of healthy interactions between social, spiritual, economic, and environmental systems.  At the macro level this includes all the ways a community, organization, society or the planet need to build capacity for a balanced life now and into the future—using human, natural, spiritual and economic resources wisely.


At the micro level The Reid Group is and has been developing resources and capacity to help leaders and organizations to create and maintain sustainable models which will serve them well.  We have created a Sustainable Future Audit tool  that helps organizations focus on the biggest challenges to their sustainability.

To be sustainable into the future, organizations need address at least five different areas:

Strategic Planning
Can you articulate your mission, vision for the future and values?  Where do you want to be in five years?

Financial Viability
Organizational leaders need to assess what is the financial capacity the organization or community must have to accomplish its mission.  What does it need for its mission to become alive?  What are the ordinary streams of income?  How can they be enhanced?

Healthy Organizational Culture
What are your current communication challenges?  How do you approach conflict management?

Leadership Recruitment and Retention
People need to be recruited on the basis of the skills, knowledge, abilities, shared values required to lead and manage a community or organization which wishes to be sustainable.  How do you identify new leaders?  How do you support your current leaders?  Do you have a succession plan?

Dealing with Change, Loss & Growth
Respecting the past, acknowledging the strengths and struggles of the present, dealing with loss and grief and “letting go,” articulating the hopes and dreams for the future, acknowledging what is deepening or remaining the same are all part of dealing effectively with endings and new beginnings.   Sustainable organizations or communities deal with transitions in a healthy way—to create the new beginnings.

We invite you to use the  Sustainable Future Audit tool to do a mini-audit of your community or organization to define your priorities for moving toward sustainability.  Let us know how it goes–contact us for a free, 30-minute consultation on how we can help you secure a sustainable future for your organization.