Capital Campaign

capitalcampaignBefore you start a capital campaign, it is often essential to conduct a feasibility study to give you some guidance about the best approach to your campaign and what a realistic goal would be.

To be successful, your capital campaign will need these ingredients:

  • a comprehensive vision for the organization as a whole
  • a compelling case statement for the campaign
  • a realistic budget
  • leadership available to lead the campaign
  • volunteers available to work
  • prospective donors with the ability to make Leadership and Major Gifts

What can The Reid Group consultants do for you?

As your fund development consultants, we will:

  • provide an overall campaign solicitation plan with benchmarks
  • identify donors capable of giving a major gift over three to five years
  • prepare a contact plan, in collaboration with appropriate leaders, for every major gift prospect
  • provide training for volunteer leaders and staff in soliciting donors
  • provide ongoing coaching and consultation to campaign leadership
  • provide a follow-up continuation plan to conclude the campaign

We normally conduct a capital campaign in two phases: Leadership & Major Gift “Quiet” Phase followed by the Public Phase.

Leadership & Major Gift Phase

offeringwebLeadership & Major Gifts over a three to five-year pledge period will be critical to your campaign’s success. We direct the Leadership & Major Gift Phase to individuals, foundations and corporations capable of giving $10,000+ over a three to five year period.

Face-to-face meetings with potential donors are essential to securing Leadership and Major Gifts. We will help you prepare for these meetings, which will be scheduled by you and will involve your organization’s director and staff, the campaign volunteer leadership, the Leadership Gift Committee members, and other suitably skilled volunteers.

Public Phase

The Public Phase usually follows the Leadership Phase. In the Public Phase, we approach your constituents, friends and supporters who are able to make a pledge over a three-to five-year period. During the Public Phase, we emphasize wide participation in the campaign by suggesting gift levels that everyone can afford.

What’s your next step?

These are the general components of a capital campaign plan, but The Reid Group does not believe in a “one size fits all” approach. We will work with you to conduct a campaign tailored for you. In addition to raising much-needed funds, your capital campaign will strengthen your organization by building a shared vision and increasing awareness and involvement in your mission.

Contact us or send us your hoped-for outcomes to start the conversation. We look forward to a fruitful partnership.