Feasibility Studies

sisters around tableMany organizations start a fundraising campaign knowing they need money but having no idea how much can realistically be raised. A feasibility study can give you the information you need to plan for a campaign, develop your relationship with your best donors and prospects, while setting goals you can reach in a reasonable time. It will:

  • Survey the attitudes and opinions of a group of individuals and couples
  • Inform people about the reasons for a possible campaign
  • Identify potential sources of financial support for the campaign and levels of giving
  • Identify potential volunteer leadership for the proposed campaign
  • Recommend specific elements to be included in campaign strategy and activities

What you can expect from our feasibility study process

  • Help in identifying individuals/couples to be interviewed
  • Letter mailed to the individuals/couples signed by the appropriate organization leader
  • Follow-up call to schedule interviews
  • Conduct personal and confidential interviews
  • Use of web survey, focus groups, phone interviews as appropriate
  • Confidential report

At the end of the study process, we will give you a report that includes:

  • An assessment of attitudes about the organization, its activities and recommendations for who should lead the campaign and how and when it should be conducted.
  • A projection of money that can be raised over three to five years from Leadership Gifts ($100,000 or more), Major Gifts ($10,000-$99,999), and other donors and friends.

Are you considering a fundraising campaign in the future? Would your decision benefit from the insights gained in a feasibility study? Contact us for more information or give us some specifics about your plans by filling out our Hoped-for Outcome form.