Leadership Search

Choosing excellent and resilient leaders is one of the most important challenges your organization must face if it is to live out its mission effectively.

That challenge is even greater for those of you in mission-driven organizations. You’re not just looking for candidates with the right degrees, experience and skill. You also need people with “more”—you need leaders with a thorough understanding of your organization’s mission, a deep appreciation of how you contribute to the common good, and demonstrated skills in creating an institutional culture focused on implementation.

The Reid Group specializes in finding senior leaders with “more” for Catholic health care institutions, colleges and universities, and other faith-based and non-profit organizations.

In working with The Reid Group, you will experience a leadership search process that helps you:

  • Refocus your vision
  • Refine your personnel needs
  • Find the right fit for your institution, and
  • Fulfill your mission