Our Search Process

For every organization, the decisions regarding staffing of key leadership positions are critical ones. Make the right decisions and the organization is likely to thrive; make the wrong or a poor decision, and the organization will struggle at best.

boardmeetingExecutive searches we conduct have as their primary goal the finding of strong, viable candidates for review by the executive search committee. We look for candidates that exhibit a “fit” in three important areas:

  • a fit with the organization
  • a fit with the position
  • a fit with the work team environment

Our search process usually involves six steps, although these will be adapted to the specific needs and hopes of your organization:

Step 1: Preparation

  • Establish a Search Committee and budget for the search.
  • Prepare a job description.
  • Develop an advertising strategy.
  • Create a search timeline.

Step 2: The Search

  • Facilitate Search Committee meetings as needed.
  • Identify potential candidates.
  • Implement a screening process.
  • Facilitate preliminary interviews with a written summary for the Search Committee.
  • Complete transcript review and reference checks.
  • Help the Search Committee select the finalist candidates.

Step 3: The Interview

  • Develop an interview process, including phone and in-person meetings.
  • Create interview questions.
  • Facilitate substantive interviews.

Step 4: The Decision

  • Debrief interviews with the Search Committee.
  • Facilitate a decision-making process for the candidates to be presented to the Board.
  • Facilitate the final decision making process by the Search Committee.
  • Assist in making the job offer and securing a firm commitment from the chosen candidate.

Step 5: The Follow-up

  • Acknowledge and thank each candidate.
  • Thank all Search Committee and interview team members for their participation and contribution to the process.
  • Prepare a press release and articles as appropriate to announce the new hire.

Step 6: Orientation

  • Develop a comprehensive process to welcome and orient the new employee to the position and the organization.

What’s your next step? Give us a call.  We want to help you find the excellent and effective leaders you’re looking for.