Community Mediation

Conflict within faith communities can be especially difficult to deal with, since most of us like to think that members of our communities are too “nice” to disagree with one another.

Our experience over the past 15 years mediating conflict within faith communities tells us that churches are no different from any other organization—conflict happens. Recent research shows that leadership, money and worship are the three big issues leading to congregational fights, but conflict over leadership has the most serious consequences. When the struggle within a church is about leadership, it can result in a loss of membership and/or financial support.

The cost of inaction is clearly great on many levels, but the benefits of a timely, proactive, respectful process of engagement can lead to stronger, more integrated and focused communities.

What can you expect from our community mediation process?

We create a tailored process with each community we serve that includes off-site phone interviews and on-site small group and large group dialogue sessions. By offering personal coaching to leaders, neutral facilitation, accurate documentation and exploration of future options, faith communities grow in their ability to communicate clearly, conflict with respect, rebuild trust and work together towards shared goals and dreams.

Does your community need help in resolving ongoing disputes? Contact us for more information or give us some specifics about your needs by filling out our Hoped-for Outcome form.