Family Mediation

Families fight! Even “good” families disagree, no matter what type of family you live in—multiple generations living under one roof, or a single parent, two-parent or blended family.

Angry Mother and Daughter TherapyThe Reid Group mediators offer family mediation services for clients residing in Western Washington state who may be experiencing some of these issues:

  • Parenting style differences leading to conflict between adults
  • Parent-child issues, often related to discipline and performance in adolescence, that can easily escalate into power struggles
  • Death of a family member. We all grieve uniquely, and those differences can drive a wedge between or among the surviving family members
  • Divorce, which affects more than just the spouses themselves
  • Sibling conflict around care of an elder. What’s best for the parent and what’s possible for the children to do together are often at odds, creating conflict
  • Inheritance disputes, which often have deep seated roots and have the potential to fracture families for many years
  • Drug, alcohol and other addictions which have huge legal, financial and emotional implications
  • Other Court-mediated family disputes

    What can you expect in family mediation?

    Our approach to mediation within families often takes the form of a facilitated family meeting—a process built on respectful communication practices, designed to clarify issues, needs and preferred options for the future.

    Our mediators guide the process so that family members can make agreements with each other that are fair, equitable and durable and that support each person in achieving their personal goals together. We also take detailed notes during the process to accurately record agreements and provide a written summary for future reference.

    Mediation of family issues is usually completed in two-three sessions of two hours each, although the process is tailored to each individual family’s situation. The process begins with an initial phone interview with each family member, followed by a short writing assignment done in advance of the first session. The mediator creates an agenda that is agreeable to all parties and all parties agree to basic ground rules during the mediation process.

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