Training Modules

Leadership Development and Communication

smallgroupwithmanwebThis module offers the participants the skills to be better communicators and to integrate these skills into their leadership toolbox. Content includes:

    • Principles of good communication
    • RESPECT guidelines
    • Communication style—what’s yours?
    • The 6 ground rules of dialogue
    • Diversity and communication: exploring the concept of “co-cultures” and its impact on communication styles

Leadership and Conflict Management

Conflict is a fact of organizational life and in order to be effective, leaders need to learn how to manage it. This module introduces participants to the elements of conflict management:

  • The cost of unresolved conflict
  • Sources of conflict
  • Impact of change and the pace of change
  • How to deal with differences
  • Impact of culture and co-cultures
  • Conflict assessment: Seeing and naming the issues, involving the appropriate people
  • Steps involved in addressing a conflict
  • Preparation & personal work
  • Ask for an appointment to talk
  • Respectful communication guidelines
  • Tips for discussing the issues at the core of the conflict
  • Develop action steps and agreements for moving forward

Moving With Change

Dealing with change is never easy.  When it is managed well by leaders, change can:

  • enhance morale
  • lead to an increased focus on the organization’s mission and values and
  • foster unity in the face of diversity

Effective leaders in changing times work to unite organizations in the midst of change, lessen resistance to change by deep listening, and encourage those affected to act together in ways that strengthen the organization and focus on the future.   We believe leaders serve organizations well when they focus on creative and effective conflict and change management.

In this module, participants explore:

  • Their personal relationship to change and conflict
  • Change and the seeds of conflict
  • Recognizing and honoring losses and gains in moving through change
  • Roots of resistance to change
  • Ways to befriend and move with change
  • Skills & tasks of the change leader

Dealing Effectively with Differences

The differences among us often lead to conflict. In order to manage this conflict, the leader needs to understand differences of a variety of types:

  • Cultural diversity
  • Religious diversity
  • Political diversity

The training module presents a variety of strategies available to leaders to deal effectively with differences:

  • Co-cultural mapping
  • You as collaborative leader
  • Learnings from the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Inventory
  • Understanding resistance to change
  • Skills to be an effective change agent
  • The Change Continuum
  • Transition: the process of change through stages, cycles, seasons
  • The role of the leader in managing change