Strategic Planning

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Creative and effective strategic planning is vital for you and your organization, and enables you to move into the future with confidence and renewed energy.

Our approach to strategic planning processes, what we call Prophetic Planning, involves four elements:

  1. Planning for the future is based on knowledge and appreciation for the organization’s history.
  2. While appreciating what has been, we invite leaders to be bold, and ask questions like, “What would we do if we were 10 times bolder?” and “What would we do if we really considered ourselves a for prophet organization?”
  3. The Reid Group approach to planning focuses on faith, conversion and healing, in conjunction with sound organizational development principles.
  4. Prophetic planning seeks to discern the movement of the Spirit and the will of God for an organization at this moment in time.

In our experience, a successful strategic planning process will incorporate six important characteristics:

  1. Participation by all the key constituents
  2. Crafting clear statements of mission, vision and values
  3. Addressing important issues, including budget realities and considerations
  4. Creative promotion of the plan
  5. Making the transition from planning to implementation
  6. Ongoing evaluation and updates of the plan

Our clients’ experience:

  • We learned more about ourselves and our community and had a sense of direction.
  • It caused us to look at our mission and know why we are doing what we are trying to do.
  • It took the mystery out of achieving goals by breaking them down into manageable action steps.
  • It involved everyone who had an interest in the community.
  • What I like most is that it helped us develop realistic timelines.