Planning with Catholic Schools

schoolchildrenwebThe challenges faced by Catholic schools today make creative and effective strategic planning more important than ever.

We will work with you to design a strategic planning process that answers key questions:

  • What are we about?
  • What could we do better in collaboration with other schools and faith-based organizations?
  • Where are we heading?
  • Why are we doing what we are doing?
  • How will we achieve our goals?
  • Who will be involved?
  • When will all the work take place?

What can you expect from the strategic planning process?

  • Reenergized school(s) in position to meet the needs of the 21st century students
  • Good stewardship of financial and human resources
  • A vision for the future rooted in living out the mission and values of the school given today’s realities
  • A renewed commitment to high quality Catholic school education with specific steps on how to achieve the vision

Our clients are enthusiastic about the results of their strategic planning processes:

  • Our school is stronger because we all, including the students, embraced our mission—our very purpose for existing.
  • Now we are experiencing growth once we consolidated and adapted a Middle School International Baccalaureate approach.
  • We have goals that will stretch us, but they are still within the realm of realistic. We have gotten grants because we have a solid plan for the future.
  • The kids are excited because we have incorporated some distance learning opportunities.
  • I was happy that we got a lot of involvement and it only took us a few months.

What challenges does your school face? Contact us for more information or give us some specifics about your plans by filling out our Hoped-for Outcome form.