Planning with Dioceses

priesthandsprayingwebIn our work with dioceses, we make some assumptions that underlie the strategic planning process:

  • That the spirituality of the Paschal Mystery is foundational to planning with faith based groups.
  • That there is less resistance to change if people are involved in the change process.
  • That criteria need to be developed as a guide to making decisions about the viability of parishes and schools.
  • That stewardship of resources must be a strong characteristic of diocesan strategic planning, with particular attention to the time and resources requested of diocesan personnel.  No matter what the type of strategic planning process your diocese needs—Chancery reorganization, parish restructuring, program planning, school system evaluation and planning—you can expect these first steps:
    1. We will meet with the Bishop and other diocesan leadership to assess needs and understand the goals of the project.
    2. We will suggest that the Bishop appoint a planning steering committee made up of priests and lay leaders who will be in conversation with the Bishop in designing criteria for decisions about the future.
    3. We will assist the planning committee in role development and execution of roles.
    4. We will design materials and the strategic planning processes based on the work of the planning committee.
    5. We will train diocesan personnel in the planning process as necessary.

What are your most pressing needs? Contact us for more information or give us some specifics about your plans by filling out our Hoped-for Outcome form.