8 Steps to Parish Restructuring

smallgroupdayton cropThe 8-step process outlined below is a proven successful method for helping Catholic dioceses move forward to strengthen parish life. The pastors of your parishes will be asked to appoint a core team of five people (pastor plus four) to help them guide the planning process through the following steps.

  1. Conversations

    At the parish and cluster level, these conversations lead to an evaluation of the current reality; assess the quality of parish/cluster ministry and look toward the future.

  2. Cluster suggestions

    The cluster suggestion is based on one of the models for the future approved by the Bishop and is made by the cluster with a rationale to the Planning Commission.

  3. Preliminary recommendations

    The Planning Commission reviews all cluster suggestions and develops preliminary recommendations in light of identified criteria and sends them back to each cluster of parishes for a response.

  4. Conversations

    This conversation focuses on the preliminary recommendations at the Cluster level and the preparation of a response.

  5. Responses

    The response to the preliminary recommendations from the cluster with a rationale is made to the Planning Commission.

  6. Final recommendations

    Following review of the response, the final recommendations are made to the Bishop by the Planning Commission.

  7. Decisions

    After necessary consultation, the Bishop makes a decision on each final recommendation made to him by the Planning Commission.

  8. Implementation

    This step involves a series of action steps to carry out the decision made by the Bishop.

Throughout the process there will be many ways for parishioners to be involved, such as town hall meetings, parish assemblies, committee work, focus groups, etc. We will train local facilitators to be of assistance to parishes. We will also provide communication materials and strategies and prayer services including faith sharing.