Planning with Religious Communities

sistersholdingcandles cropAt The Reid Group, we believe that communities of vowed religious will continue into the future, though the current models may change to reflect present and future needs as well as resources.

Our consultants are the products of Catholic education and we are grateful for the impact priests and sisters have made on our lives. We are committed to walk with you into what may be an evolving and creative future.

Our services use an appreciative approach and consider the evolutionary nature of religious life. Each planning process is uniquely tailored to help your community prepare for its future with confidence no matter what challenge you face:

  • 3-5 Year Strategic Planning
  • Community Restructuring, Covenant Relationships, Partnerships
  • Scenario Planning
  • Community Mergers and Consolidation
  • Conference/Community Day and Chapter Design and Facilitation
  • Leadership Discernment weekends

What are your most pressing challenges? Contact us for more information or give us some specifics about your needs by filling out our Hoped-for Outcome form.